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Renata Gaffo, Directora de la Gimav y de Vitrum, dice adiós

Después de 31 años en el mundo del vidrio, Renata Gaffo, Directora de la Gimav, y de Vitrum, dice adiós el próximo 31 de diciembre.

My familiarity with the world of glass grew constantly since that initial experience, and ultimately I became the director of both the Gimav association and Vitrum, where I was lucky enough to experience first-hand each step of its wonderful growth path.

My first Vitrum was that of 1985 (the 4th event), which occupied 7,000 sq. m of the old Fiera Milano Meccanica Pavilion. The expo then moved to Lacchiarella for ten years, and grew to take up 16,000 m2 of exhibit space before returning to the city of Milan, at the new Portello Fairgrounds and thereafter, starting in 2007, permanently moved to the Rho Fairgrounds where it reached the record of 31,560 net square meters in size. Impressive growth, we said, which is also proof of the hard work and innovative approach the Italian glass industry managed to gain over time, and the prestige it rightfully earned by it. It made a formidable contribution to the worldwide image of Made in Italy.

The brilliant result I am most proud of is the relationship inspired by mutual esteem and trust that developed over the years between Gimav's members and numerous collaborators. All were cordial, some amicable, and a few were true friendships. Carrying around the world the technology of our companies which, united by the Italian flag, work cohesively every day, was the experience that most contributed to my personal growth to date, from the time I was just a very young woman taking her first steps into the glass sector, where I had the privilege to meet and work with people of great caliber. I did invest a lot of time and passion into the world I am leaving, and I will miss it, which is only natural. Nonetheless, I can say that the wealth of love, personal and professional gratification I take with me makes me far richer than all the companies that travelled along my path, and built their own success.

So the time has come to say farewell to everybody. But I never liked those. I've always preferred to say "good-bye, see you later". This chapter is closed now, and I look forward to a brand new chapter, although it will be written by someone else. I will certainly be pleased and very interested in reading it, knowing that the joint story of Gimav and Vitrum will continue to delight both those directly involved and those who will follow it from the outside, like me.

Thanks for these wonderful years everybody, and most of all, good luck.

Renata Gaffo

Publicado el 23 de Diciembre de 2015